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Wings Accounting 16.5

Keeps track of purchases, sales, inventory, and more
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Wings Infonet Limited
Manages your company's accounting by creating invoices, keeping a record of cash movements, account transfers, bank deposits and stock or balancing your books.

Wings Accounting is a program for accounting across branches. This program is completely web-based, so it is very simple to share information and perform actions in the database, that can be viewed by all the computers connected to the system, through the Internet. This program allows to perform all the activities needed to keep your accounting up to date. You can create a list of products for selling or buying, along with their descriptions and prices. You can create invoices, and enter information related to cash movements, bank deposits, sales and purchases. The program lets also keep an inventory of the goods in your deposit. Through this program, you can easily enter the information that you need to keep in your books. All the information will be available online, for all the users that have access to the database. At the end of the exercise, performing a Balance will be very easy, because you will have all the needed data, updated, in the same database. The program allows to import data from other programs or computers. It also allows to backup all the data whenever you want to do that. The price of this program depends on the size of your company, the computers that you will use to run it and other details. You must write to to ask for more information.

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